Monday, April 9, 2007

A Little Theo Update

Many of you have been asking about Theo's recovery. Since he had the 3 severe seizures in early February, he's regaining his strength and appetite. He has lost about 40 lbs. but he seems back to his old self again. He is deliberately trying to lose weight for an upcoming military course and potential promotion, so the weight loss has steadied out, and is now falling at a healthy rate. As far as medical care he's been back to see his neurologist half a dozen times. He has also visited his infectious disease doctor, and his throat doctor. We still do not have any answers. Today he meets a big shot doctor from the UW-Madison. We are hoping for a break through. An answer. But we have been told many times we may never know what caused his sudden seizures. We do know: he will spend 12 months on a seizure medication, and unless he has another seziure he'll get his driver's license back mid-May. We know he has to avoid ladders, bathtub/pools, and any alcohol (including that in cough syrup) for atleast a year. That's all we know.

Through today's appointment we hope to explore some more options including those conditions specific to the Middle Eastern region (such as depleted uranium poisoning, etc.). When talking to some buddies at work Theo heard of sudden seizures occuring for several soldiers who returned from Iraq. This could turn out to be one those things we don't piece together for years to come, like Gulf War Syndrome, Agent Orange, etc. Only time will tell. Our top concern is making sure Theo's body improves, that his white blood cell count in his spinal fluid doesn't increase anymore, and that he does not have any seizures, especially in unfavorable circumstance. I'll keep you posted when we know more.

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Jamie jamie jamie!!!! Alison sent me your link-- I haven't read a word yet-- went straight to the comments section, so I have no idea what you're up to, but I'm glad to have found you!! More comments when I read more and check out Harry's blog! Sarah