Thursday, April 26, 2007

Paintin' til midnight

I bought the new paint for this room weeks ago, and I've had random test-patches of the color in various spots on the wall ever since. Last night I finally had the drive to put the paint to use. Our kitchen now glows in "Aged Amber." Well, half of it does. We have a pretty huge kitchen, with lots of nooks and crannys. I used a texturizing sand to cover-up some of the imperfections in the wall boards. This room is not plastered, nor dry-walled. Just covered in weird unidentifiable wall boards and panelling. For the most part, the sand did what I wanted it to. I'm pleased.
I painted for 4 hours, including set-up and clean-up time. I love the color. It makes the room feel cozy, whereas before it felt vast, bland, and cluttered. I especially love how this deep yellow meshes with the floor and curtains, and contrasts with my blue and white accents. Lil' bit-o-bliss, if you ask me. The first picture is a sampling of the before and after colors. This is where I left off:

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