Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Seeds are chuggin' along...

Just an update on our seed's progress. Since last time I posted pictures of the seeds growing up in our bedroom I have added some Lupine seeds. Everything is growing, but some faster and better than others. Not too much longer, and everything will be planted outside.

I can't wait until I can play in the dirt FOR REAL! We have a very cold week ahead starting this morning, with overnight lows in the 20's. Last night I felt I should protect some of my plants with the mulch. I strapped on Theo's rain boots and my garden gloves (I donned my leopard pajama pants also, if you want the complete picture). I got out there, sucked in the wet rain air and started scheming. If I was going to mulch, I should put down the new top soil first, right? Logically. So that's how it begins... I put tops soil in all the beds, and the garden, and mulched over 7 trees, and a dozen lilacs, all the beds as well. I couldn't dare put top soil over weeds, so I had to get the weed pulling tool, right? And since I pulled the weeds out, I should put weed preventer over the mulch, right? Yeah, I'm a wack-job. The temperature must have dropped 20 degrees when I was out there, as the cold front approached. I trudged along, lugging huge bags about the yard, looking about as insane as can be. Even after a shower & a dozen trips to the sink, I can't get the dirt out from under my nails. Bliss.

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