Thursday, April 26, 2007

Baby Mug Shots

I could just eat these cheeks. Wouldn't even need to add sugar. Yum. My Hunter Butt fell asleep in my arms yesterday afternoon, and I had the camera on the side table (buried by magazines, of course). I took this pictures of his huge mug asleep at the boob, but I won't share those online. LOL. Instead I'm sharing mid-nap and post-nap snapshots.
He has a massive melon head here, doesn't he? Not flattering, but funny. Remnants of blueberry muffins stick to his cheeks. His behemoth chin holds his head up. I think I see boogers, too?

When he woke up I snapped some pictures of him; I have learned when he is groggy he holds still better, enabling me to get better close ups of his baby goodness.

And here, he tells me, "No more paparazi! Get that camera out-my-face, mama!"

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