Monday, April 9, 2007

The rest of Easter Saturday...

Saturday, after we had our morning of egg hunts & candy eating, we ran quick errands, went out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and came home and spent time together. We played with the goodies EB brought us, like puzzles, peeps, eggs, books, and more. I made the traditional Easter Bunny Cake. This year he wore green glasses, and had some coconut "hair" on his ears. It was a pretty good day. We played with all the bunnies (I buy one a year to add to the collection, and take them out each year). The biggest hit of the day was a singing pig that Grandma Anita bought last year(About half of the stuff on the dining room table was repeat stuff I take out each year). It sings some crazy hillbilly music to which Theo and Ben danced hoe-down style. It was priceless. Mom enjoyed all of Ben's new puzzles. Theo loved eating candy, or "Cannny," all day long, and he demonstrated the return of his appetite when he ate "half a pig" at Cracker Barrel, too! This is great news! Despite being pretty sick, Hunter enjoyed his goldfish filled eggs (good idea Auntie Caitlin!). Good times. Love holidays.


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