Thursday, April 5, 2007

How do you eat your Oreo Snack Stix?

Sneaky Grandma Anita bought these Oreo Snack Stix for Ben in May when she was here for Hunter's birth. Ben loved them, and ate them in abundance. Grandma spoiled his dinner most days when she was here, and he fattened up nicely. Well, Grandma returned on emergency visit when Theo had his seizures, and while she was here she picked up a few boxes of the Oreo Snack Stix. I only let Ben have these in moderation, so more than a month later there are plenty left. He's been asking all week. I keep denying his request (he's been asking first thing in the morning!). I'm a cool mom, but not that cool. Today Ben ate all his breakfast, including a second dose of Cantelope, so at 10:00 when he asked for cookies, I thought it might be okay. Hunter is napping, so I took the opportunity to document how Ben goes about eating these things. First, he took them "up high" to the dining room table. Then he retreated to the kitchen and I heard some fumbling around. I walked in there to find him trying to bust through the child lock on the silverware drawer. He asked me help him get a "stick." We have these utencils designed for infants learning to self feed. Ben wanted to use one for eating the cream with the snack stix (it can be too hard for the Oreo dip stix, and the stix break and crumble. Smart kid. Resourceful. So he heads back the table to eat with his new tool:

When the tool failed to get at all the Oreo cream, he resorted to using his tongue to dig the cream out. He drooled all over, too. Quite messy. I was just happy he let me take pictures. At one point he shoved the camera, and I had to wipe Oreo cookie cream off the lens.

Finally, when the eating was complete he says, "Momma wash Ben's hands." I asked him to hold up his arms (I felt like a cop), and he walked to the kitchen to get cleaned up. He cooprated. Ben is such a cool kid. Love him so much.

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