Sunday, April 15, 2007

Progress in the Garden

The boys were in bed rather early, so I was able to go back outside and poke around in the garden. I took some pictures of some of the newest things to pop up (and those blue pansies I potted today:

I uncovered my hens and chicks. They almost smile right back at me. Love their star shape. I found a few that had been disturbed from the ground, and I decided to plant them in a pot. I love how they look in a pot!

The Sedum AJ made great progress despite the cold. I divided it today, creating at least a half a dozen new plants. I am so excited to see how that turns out.

The hostas are unfolding:

My red peony is finally poking up:

The Bleeding Heart is coming up also:

And this poor guy met up with Laura Lu Jane.
I spotted him frozen on the front porch, as Laura was sniffing out his hole. She moved in closer, and the chipmunk ran.

Laura then chased him into his hole... and she threw a little fit when she could not fit more than her nose down the hole to follow him. Priceless.

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