Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sick lil' Boys

Hunter is on the upswing, but Ben was hit by this cold bug hard yesterday. He spent the entire day on the "fofa," sucking his thumb raw and coughing. I felt so awful for him. He was NOT himself. He uttered 3-4 words all day (so-not-like-him, he usually does not shut up). We even had a guy from Charter Comm install our new phone system and Ben was too exhausted to care about his presence. Normal Ben: follows any new person around and asks a million questions. Sick Ben: Head buried between the back cushions, butt in the air, disinterested.

On the other hand, yesterday Hunter had regained his vigor & appetite. He chowed-down Hunter-style eating his normal 2000 calorie diet. LOL. His nose is still a faucet, but his spirits & energy are good to go.

This morning Theo and I seem to have the "funk," as Theo called it. Theo's at work, but my nose is running. I'm pooped out. I slept through Theo waking me up twice. It's snowing. I want more coffee. And a nap.

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Harrison's Homepage said...

Your boys are a-dorable, and I think Hunter (such a cute name) looks a lot like you-- especially the mouth and chin. Sorry to hear that y'all aren't feeling well, and what the hell is up with this snow? SNOW? That lying groundhog. Anyway, Harry was up on and off all night (teething?), so I, too, am exhausted-- when can we all play together?