Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Bunny Makes an Early Stop; Spoils Children

I e-mailed the Easter Bunny (EB) and asked if he could come early this year. Tomorrow we are travelling for a day trip to see the family in Chicago. The EB obliged, and delivered eggs, candy, toys, and more. I set out the lantern eggs, and basket, and added all the stuffed bunnies, as a sign to show EB that we were expecting him (you have to make EB feel extra special b/c our kids aren't always on their *best behavior*. I have found bribing the magical figures, like EB and Santa, with a welcoming, pretty display, leads them here for sure. (Special thanks to Grandma Anita, "Tomy," Auntie Caitlin & Nana Cindy for the goodies provided).

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