Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rotary Gardens

This morning we visited the Rotary Gardens. Not much was blooming yet, obviously, but I wanted to see their bulbs, and compare my perrenials growth to their perrenials growth. Dad and Ben fed the duck, and I snapped pictures of the flowers and trees. This time, perhaps b/c there was less growth to distract me, I noticed all of these wonderful benches covered in quotations. So wonderful to be outside, listening to the birds, observing. My favorite things I saw: my snotty-nosed kids & their snotty-nosed dad, some pink flowers in the rock garden, some lake-side daffodils, birch bark, a bird who let me follow him around (Theo tells me it was a robin, a sure sign of spring), and some weeping branches on the water. I had a FANTASTIC picture of Ben's snotty nose, too, but I accidently deleted it. It was nearly identical to Hunter's. I am so bummed... but these other shots are fun. Hope you enjoy them.

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