Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Sunday with the family

We headed down south of Chicago for a day trip with the family. We always love seeing them. I drove the truck down there and back (5 hours round trip approx.) all by myself, and didn't make any mistakes. I was very proud! Had to get a picture of that experience.
While we visited Laura Lu dog played with her cousin Dakota, and Uncle Tom and Theo played with their guns and talked hunting. Theo took his hunting rifle out back to set the sites for his upcoming Turkey Hunt. The first round kicked back harder than he anticipated and he came home with a bruised shoulder and a cut and red mark beneath his right eye. Ouch! But he was excited to have pretty good accuracy from 40 yards. I hope he comes home with a bird! I can't wait! I wish I was going with him (anyone want to watch the kids while we both go hunting?)
Auntie Di and Uncle Tom made a spectacular Easter feast with ham, mashed potatos & mushroom gravy, bisquits, brussel sprouts, green bean casserole, and mixed veggies in cheese sauce. Great Grandpa made Cherry Crumble from the last Cherries on his tree. We ate delicious devilled eggs and baby swiss cheese with crackers, too. More Yum.
Little Hunter enchanted Grandma Chris and Auntie Di, and a good time was had by Ben who ran around the house in circles, played with his new dump truck, and confiscated the veggie tray. Ben was hilarious: when we pulled up he said, "I get presents!" (Last couple times he has been there he has received Christmas and birthday presents). When we left he said "Bye Auntie Di, Merry Christmas!" Completely unprompted by us. Hilarious.
I got to talk gardening with Grandma Chris and Papa, which was nice. They ensured me my perrenials should make it fine through this really cold spurt we're having. It seemed my carrot cake was good b/c it was over half gone, and even Theo liked it! (This year I added crushed pineapple, raisins, pecans, and coconut). I liked it, but it was a tiny tid-bit drier than I would have like it to be. I had one piece, and a half with Hunter. Yum.


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