Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday in the Park

Theo had a doctor's appointment this morning, and had the rest of the day off, too. We ran some errands, and then headed for my favorite park here in town. We pretty much had the whole thing to ourselves. Cool!

Hunter has only been swinging once before. He could not have had a better time! You could hear his cackle across the park. Pure joy.
Theo pushed him, and also rode along. We love how small Hunter looks in the swing beside Dad!

Of course, Theo also had to go down the slide a few times. The kids were loving Dad's involvement. Do you see how happy Ben is in this picture?

Oh, and I was there, too.

Hunter's first big boy slide. I took these pictures from across the park, and I'm loving how they turned out!

Ben ran rampant around the park. He found one little girl to play with, and he kept calling her "kid." Hilarious. "Hey kid, come slide with me." "Hey, kiiiiiiiiiid!" I was cracking up!

The "kid" taught Ben to feed the dinosaur some of the mulch from the ground. Hunter is eating mulch, too. Kids are nuts.

Running free on the soccer field. Love this picture.

Oh, and I had to share Theo's attempt at the 12-year-old sized monkey bars. Training for you Warrior Leader Course this summer, Theo? Ha Ha!

And I think this is supposed to be a tic-tac-toe game, not a crafty way to mock your wife, smart ass.

We had a great time. Love a rare Monday (i.e. not crowded day) at the park with Dad. He was exhausted from all the play.

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