Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's raining, we're boring...

It's funny how we spend months in the house throughout winter- no problem, but once we're tickled with spring and let outside, being trapped back indoors by rain SUCKS! And it's not even fun rain with thunder or anything, just sprinkles. Hope April showers atleast spring May flowers!

We have spent the day playing, mostly. Hunter had a few milestones worth noting. He figured out the sound of his two hands clapping. Until now, he had "clapped" without his hands touching, which is probably better referred to as "flailing." Today those little chubby hands touched, and he was thrilled, as you can see.

I remember from Ben babies like to acquire new skills in clusters, so while Ben napped I pulled out all toys geared at an 11-month skill level, and became the teacher. First on the list was this fabric Barney shape sorter ($4 clearance at the Toy's R' Us!).

Sort of an ineffective toy, as all the shapes squeeze through all the holes? But Hunter likes looking into the holes and digging to locate the shape and fish it out. He also likes to put the shapes back in. I stuck my camera inside the sorter to get this shot:

The process of putting the shapes in and pulling them leads to much excitement.

Hunter also finally figured out how to put the rings on the ring stackers.

What? You didn't have a half-a-dozen rings stackers when you were a year old?

Know what else things rings are good for? Shaka-shaka dancing.

And hitting mom in the head really hard.

I still love you momma. It's just the rings just sound so cool when they slam against your head!

Ben also had a good day. He locked the gate between the kitchen and dining room and played with his puzzles on the kitchen floor. I found him deeply engaged in the 25 piece puzzle.

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Amy said...

I LOVE LOVE the picture of hunter "shaka-shaka" dancing! Super cute... and Ben is so smart! I can't believe he's doing 25 piece puzzles at 2 1/2!