Friday, April 27, 2007

April Showers...

Some inspiration for the gardeners, from my magazines, duh.

"Unite an abiding respect for nature with humankind's craving for beauty and productivity and you have a garden: inviting yet private, orderly yet ever changing... ." Country Living, June 2002.

"In theory, every backyard needs a proper seat where the gardener can relax and admire a job well done. But in practice-especially in June-most gardeners we know take infinitely more comfort in digging, planting, pruning, and clipping than they ever do in simply sitting still." -Country Living, June 2002.

Yesternight, after dinner, I stepped out to see what the rain has brought to the garden. All the leaves were saturated with droplets. I had to step back in grab the camera so I could share. Who needs blooms to find beauty in the garden?

Hunter wanted to go with me. It was windy, wet, and cold, and I needed a steady hand to get these close-ups, so he had to stay inside w/dad and Ben. Poor thing.

The trees in the front yard:




And the German Chamomile I started from seed in our bedroom window:

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