Friday, April 20, 2007

Our Day at the Zoo

We met up with my friend Sarah and her son Harrison today at the zoo. He is so cute! So, so cute. He looks just like his daddy, Ben, but with his momma's cheeks. We walked around the zoo, and then the park.

As we were walking through the zoo Harry's stroller wheel broke. Of course, we had a to get a picture of that!

Harry missed his morning nap, and he was all tuckered out.

Introducing the boys. Hunter and Harry are only one month apart. How cute are they!?

Off to the park...

So where do you keep the food in here, mom?

Harry loved the grass!
Hunter found a branch in the grass.
Ben watched the kids on the monkey bars. In awe of the big kids.
After the park we needed FOOD. Harry was really zonked by then, had to get a picture:
I drove straight to pick Theo up from work (no shoping for me, as I has hoped). Ben slept through the whole trip. Hunter explored Dad's motor pool.
Oh, and I got sunburnt. I had SPF 15 on? Guess that's not enough? Yesterday I got racoon eyes on my walk, so today, no sunglasses & I wore sunscreen. No good. Such is spring. I'm so darn cute.


Leena said...

It totally took me like, seven pictures before I realized this was Sarah from speech. I guess living half a world away slows down the old reflexes! Anyway, how fun! Good to know speech people make cute babies. Gives me hope for the future.

Harrison's Homepage said...

Great pictures, Jamie!! Love Ben on the slide. He is the cutest little guy-- so darn sweet. We had so much fun, and your boys are adorable.