Monday, June 11, 2007

Who needs grass anyway?

I am always up to something. I want more room to play in the garden. Try new things, and grow some more plants in masses. The previous owner put in lilacs all along the back border of our yard, and I love them, but they take many years to fill in. We can't afford a fence, and I love flowers, so I'm busy creating a perrenial border along the whole back of our property. I started at one end. I am just getting started, and plan on working on it throughout the summer and fall.

This rock marks one corner of our yard. There are succulents here: Sedum, and Chicks and Hens, and last year I added a few hostas for continuity (connects it with the house, which is surrounded by a moat of hostas, if you haven't noticed). I planted a small flowering tree here (a foot high). It will grow just at the base the hens and chicks.

I removed the grass, and added some top soil (from my very own little compost pile, yipee!). I put in 6 Bee Balm I grew from seed this spring in a row here. I put a row of Pinks in front, and a Lavendar, Liatris (purple), and Butterfly Bush in the middle. I plugged in 3 Maltese Cross (from seed, also) there as well. This picture was taken the night I did the digging and planting. So far, it's been a week, and these little babies are flourishing. I have more to plant still... from seed. And I think a lot of perrenials are going on sale right now. Perhaps a couple dollars of the babysitting money will go to this project soon, too. I really want to put in some Dame's Rocket, and let it spread like mad... exciting. Hope they have some left.

I will be moving daisies and daylilies I'll divide from another part of the yard here. I have a big project coming soon: too many shade hostas are in the sun, so I'll be moving them to the back of the lilacs in this massive perrenial border. It will stretch to the shed when I'm through. And if th cityworks building people aren't paying attention, I may dip into their grass, too. Maybe. Good stuff.

And in a completely unrelated note, the garden was pretty this afternoon.

This is a climber. How exciting is that!

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