Friday, June 29, 2007

Playing With The Big Boys

There is no stopping him now. Hunter can get on the table using all devices available. Finally, he can play with the big boys. You know, I think he likes the trains more than Ben? I find it so cute to watch him squeeling and jumping up and down in delight as the trains go around. I let him have some alone time playing with the trains while Ben napped yesterday, too. He loved it. These pictures are from yesterday morning, as Hunter played with Joe and Ben. My baby's getting too big... time to make more babies!

And I could not resist taking this picture. These are the temporarily out of use trains. Diesel 10 needs a "C" battery (according to Ben, who took Diesel's battery out and put in Toby the Train). Murdoch's wheel is broken. James' battery cover is MIA, and he'll need a "C" battery when we find it, too.

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