Saturday, June 9, 2007

Two pools, and smores.

Joey also had his pool set up today. He was outside when we got home. Heaven forbid we keep the boys apart! They played for hours this afternoon into this evening, until 9 o'clock. They ran from yard to yard, pool to pool, splashing, and wrestling, giggling and panting from running and kicking and sliding. They had such a good time, as you can see.

Hunter and Joey played in the Tee-pee. It's still turning into a tree!

Julie and I have made passing references to camping and campfires all spring. Tonight she said she got had the goods for smores, and had purchased a firepit from Target. We put it together in the middle of the lawn, she ordered pizza, and we ate smores with dark chocolate, and even Milky Way. Julie and I were like school girls. This made for a really wonderful evening. Perfect end to a perfect day. Faces covered in chocolate, tummy's full o' marshmellows. Happiness.

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