Thursday, June 28, 2007

Newish Haircut

I woke up feeling like a grinch yesterday morning. I looked like one, too. I had a holy pajama t-shirt on, and pants with no drawstring that are stretched out look like bozo could fit in them with me. My hair was tied into some contraption that loosely resembled a bun. My week old toe nail polish chipped more with each step. I was TORE UP. Nevermind what Theo and my boys thought, I'm surprised I didn't scare Joe and his mom when he was dropped off. I don't have to mention Joe's mom, Julie, looked adorable with her new haircut and adorable new summer dress.
My Fibromyalgia was killing me when I woke up, causing a very slow start. Somedays I'm so stiff and sore, it takes all I have to just get down the stairs (in my head I promise myself coffee, and lately cereal, and I can rouse up enough adrenaline to wake up). I bet some of the people who knew me just 6 years ago, with my 5am daily trips to the gym, and way-to-good-to-be-true morning-attitude are pretty dumb-founded to know I can't function in the morning anymore. If I don't shower almost right after I wake up, before Theo leaves for work, I have to wait until the boys nap in the afternoon (that is, if Hunter will take a second nap, in which case the shower waits until night time). I decided I had to do something about the way I looked and felt.
I was contemplating an evening filled with a little self-indulgence. Theo went fishing for hours last weekend, and I promised him another dose of alone-time fishing this weekend. I needed some alone time, too. I thought about heading to the haircut place down the road to pay someone to cut my hair, when it occurred to me I could save the money, and try to accomplish the look I wanted all by myself... if only I had the time? I can count on one hand the time I've been in a salon or haircut place. I just have always cut my own hair- it's so curly and wavy I can't really go wrong with straight lines and such. We don't have money for those fancy salons, so the haircut place that charges $12 is about as luxurious as it gets for me... and I can do better than that lady there. And why pay all this money for a haircut nobody outside of my kids and husband, and Joe and his mom, will really see anyway?
All afternoon I searched the Cosmos a neighbor gave me to see what sort of haircut I wanted. I settled on something between Eva Mendes on the cover in February 2007, and some chick in an Herbal Essences add. So, yesterday both boys napped, and I showered ( luxury), cut my hair, and blow dried it, too (an unheard of luxury). In the evening we headed to the mall, and Theo let me have some alone time as I roamed right past the sale racks to buy something in-season, and only partly on sale. I came home with some darn cute shirts in yellow, bright coral and turqoise colors (not pictured). Bonus: I had to go back to the rack to get smaller sizes than I anticiated I'd need! I came home and sat with the shirts folded on the living room floor just staring at them. So pleased with myself. This may qualify as a Pamper Me Day.
Here's the haircut & frshly tweezed brows (ultra-mega-luxury) yesterday afternoon:

PS: Want before pictures? Scroll down the Farmer's market and see the sweaty rat's nest I working with.

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Leena said...

So Theo understands you are just on loan to him from me, right? I mean, I WAS your girlfriend way before he was. And you keep getting hotter. Something has gotta give soon!

And I fricking LOVE the feeling of a new haircut and new clothes. Holla.