Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Theo has taken to calling Hunter, "HunterZilla" because of his destructive nature. Lately, Hunter has been honing his climbing skills. He can now scale the patio table, and most of the furniture in the house. The one safe spot was the top of the dining room table where we keep the sacred Thomas set. Yesterday Hunter scooted a basket over the the bench, and mounted the bench, and then the table, effortlessly. I found him here, like HunterZilla in a mini villiage, joyfully destroying Ben's Thomas train set. He could not be happier. Normally, he lingers around the table, reaching for any little piece he can get, scrambling to see the trains pass by. He's so proud of himself. Schiester. Pure Bred.


Julie said...

he's getting so big!!! i can't believe he climbed onto the friggin table! haha :) these pictures are great, jamie!<3

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh-- he looks so cute squatting there!