Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

Hi there everyone! I have missed blogging so much. With two sick boys, I just have not had any time to get online. I have not been out in the garden, and I've done hardly any scrapbooking either. What have I been doing? I don't have a clue... I have been snapping a few pictures here and there. Here are some snippets of our Father's Day Weekend:

Friday night on his way home from work, Theo stopped and picked up McDonald's for dinner. Ben loves milkshakes, and Hunter loves chicken nuggets. I was too sick to cook, and frankly, it was way too hot, even to grill. When Theo got home we gave him his presents: a scrapbook I made, a scrapbook Ben made, and two framed pictures of the boys for his desk at work (pictures of these items to come). Hunter was disinterested in the gift giving, and opted to stand on the table.

Saturday we tried to withstand the heat and fish a little bit. Theo found a place good for fising with Ben, no rough terrain, etc. Here, Ben caught his 1st 4 fish ever: 4 small blue gills. We did not keep them, too small, but it was cool for Ben to get to see a fish up close. They were all caught with his scooby-doo fishing pole, and he even reeled one in all by himself. Cool.

Hunter and I sat on the sidelines feeling bloated and cursing the humidity under our breath. Okay, maybe that was just me. LOL.

The rest of Father's Day weekend was nice, too. Saturday night Theo wanted to eat at a Sushi Restaurant in Madison. The boys were in a ripe mood, so we barely made it out of there alive, and definately did not get any pictures... but the food was awesome, and Theo and I were happy to have eaten it. We ran to the mall, where Theo bought a duck call at Dick's sporting goods. Sunday we lazed around. In the afternoon we ran out to get Theo some new shorts. In the evening we grilled, and Ben splashed in the pool, while Hunter played with toys and watched from a cautious distance.

This is Ben's "squish" gun. Tee-hee.

We rented movies for the weekend, too. We watched Grid Iron Gang, a movie that oddly reminded me of my middle school. The movie stars The Rock, and Exhibit as coaches of a football team comprised juvi prisoners. The characters and the scenery reminded me of the people and the gang culture I experienced while attending Dana Middle School. The water boy reminded me of this funny kid I had in many classes, Keaunte. The one white boy in the flick reminded me of another guy, Tim, who I think may have been in/out jail. The opposing teams were like one of our town's rival football teams: white, rich, snobs. Even the prison's adminstrators looked like teachers I had? The movie was based on a true story, and the character's came from towns right by my hometown, so my assessment wasn't too far from reality. Good movie, but a weird trip back in time for me considering I've been in suburban midwestern places the majority of the last decade and a half.

We also watched Norbit, w/Eddie Murphy. Very funny. Weird humor. I laughed outloud enough. Okay movie. I have Dreamgirls to watch tonight...

Theo enjoyed his Father's Day Weekend, and presents. He's working hard today. His upcoming class has been rescheduled, so we get to have him home all summer--even for the 4th fo July! I'm thrilled.

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