Friday, June 8, 2007

Just today...

Nothing too profound about these pictures at all. Boys playing, eating, same old stuff. I've been teaching Hunter about eating his snacks out of bowls (not for dumping). He sits at his little table sometimes now. He also sits on the table top, but if you've been reading my blog, you already guessed that.

My little boo-fart here has been sick. Poor thing, he has no voice. I swear, he sounds like Joan Rivers. It's so cute! But he was very much in mama-hold-me-all-day mode.
Today was a pretty normal day. Dad came home from work. We grilled teriyaki chicken kabobs (no veggies from our garden yet) & hot dogs for dinner. We ate on the patio. While Theo slaved over the hot grill I ran to a convenience store to satisfy by craving for this:

I needed salsa. I had chips, and no salsa. Crisis. We don't buy Soda, and I really wanted a diet coke. I resisted buying donuts, and I didn't eat too many chips, 3/4 of the bag is still in the cabinet waiting for tomorrow. Hehe.
I took this picture b/c I was certain I had some teriyaki on my face. Yum. Oh, I lost another pound this week. How did that happen? LOL.

I grabbed the boys some frosted cookies for dessert. Okay, so I ate half of one. They were the best, perhaps the only, gas station bakery items I have ever purchased. The boys LOVED them, too.

Ben has been drinking out of a big boy cup on/off for sometime now (nearly a year). He's doing really well. See:
Hunter is really into Daddy right now. He even gives Daddy many more kisses than mama. Here are some shots of those priceless Hunter kisses. Love these pictures, and I can't wait to scrapbook them. Duh.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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