Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Presents

For Father's Day I wanted to make Theo a small scrapbook he could tote around with him to long classes, or leave at work, etc. that contained pictures depicting the scope of his job as "dad" around here. I found the mini-book at a store in Madison for $1.99. As you can see in the pictures, the book can be stood up frame-fashion on any page he chooses. I love how it turned

Here are the frames pictures for Theo's desk:

Ben has been harassing me about making his own scrapbook for the last few weeks. I have been hunting for those plastic scissors they had when I was a kid. I can't find them anywhere. I came up with this: a "book" made of construction paper, bound by ribbon and staples. I cut out a few shapes from paper before hand, and taught Ben to use a glue stick. He asked me to make him a rectangle and some triangles. So, I made those as he glued things. I asked him what the things we glued together looked like, and he gave me the names I have in "quotations" here. He did most of the coloring. He started the rainbow, and I added to it. He helped me hold the crayon to write the title. He loved glueing the eyes... he even put the glue on them all by himself. He also added the noses, eyes, etc. Of course, I drew the bodies, and tool case. The project turned out to reflect Ben's current interests, and served as a great introduction for paper crafting for him as well.

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