Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Roll with the Punches

Gotta love the Army, keeps things interesting. Theo was just notified that he has been involuntarily detailed to be an Army Recruiter. They will cut orders for his training class within 72 hours, and he will spend the next 3 years or more recruiting. Good thing: he can't be deployed. Some gray areas: whether or not we have to move (depends on where recruiter slots are available), and the added hours to his job (recruiters commonly work 10-12 hours days, vs. the 8-4 day he works now). I will keep you all posted. We are actively searching recruiting locations in desirable areas, but will request to stay home if the opportunity presents itself. can't tell my mood from this post? Neither can I. Both Theo and I are a little numb, sarcastic, taking it lightly. You have to just roll with the punches, or tickles, or whatever... Wish us luck, and I'll keep you posted.


Leena said...

Oh Jamie! I feel for you, but I am sure this is happening for a reason. Adam's dad was an Army recruiter his entire life, and while they did move every so often (twice in Adam's life time) everything worked out for the best in the end. But I am sure it is frustrating, especially since you seem to be so settled where you are. Adam and I send our love and are hoping the best for you...who knows, maybe the next stop for your family will be Cali! Love you!

Sarah said...

Hey, Jamie! It's funny that we were JUST talking about that, huh? The good news: HE CAN"T BE DEPLOYED seems like pretty good news, right? I am doing tons of research for my advisor, so Harry's babysitter has been working overtime, but she starts a nanny job in 2 weeks, and then everyday is free time. We need to male plans FOR REAL. Hang in there, Jamie-- you're doing great, and the boys continue to be adorable.