Saturday, June 9, 2007

Giraffe Pool

We left the zoo, and went to the farmer's market for a pretty quick trip. They were closing up shop, so I got some major discounts a few plants, some kohlrabi, eggplant, lemon thyme, lavendar (for free!), a butterfly bush, a geranium ivy, and a liatris. The venders wanted to sell for cheap, just to get rid the stuff. So cool.

We stopped for some Mexican food, and Hunter happily ate salsa, steak and shrimp chimichunga, and quesadilla. Just had to share that part. Ben spilled his water two times. Fun times.

When we got home we immediately set to getting in the pool. I didn't tell Theo that was part of my plan, I went in to go potty, and grabbed some swim trunks for the boys. As I was reaching for Hunter's swim diapers he ran away... and I followed him here. Streakin'! Tehe.
We set up the Giraffe pool grandma picked up at her local Ralph's. Very cool. Ben had a blast playing with this pool. Hunter, not so much. You remember the sprinklers, and how freaked out he was by the cold water? Yup. Same story. Here are the pictures... enjoy! Thanks for the pool Grandma, it's way cool.

I did get him dressed. Dad made me. Hunter's happy before he figures out we're playing with water.

Here's the pool.

One of Hunter's nervous habits is to pinch his tummy skin. Or bite his fingers. Priceless.

Good times, but our day was still not over.

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