Monday, June 18, 2007

What are we laughing at?

Our child, of course. Last night as we ate dinner outside Hunter was not in the mood for food. If you've been paying attention, you know Hunter likes to chow. Bigtime. Ben played peek-a-boo with him while they waited for food, and then fed him some of his hamburger bun.

Hunter seemed to want some of the water on the table. So dad began giving him sips from the big blue cup you see here. Dad let Hunter try his hand at sipping from the glass all by himself, and he did really well!

Then Hunter had some michievious ideas of his own...
He decided this wretched dinner belonged in the cup of water... starting with the corn he did not intend to eat:
One by one he dropped every kernal of corn into the water and watched it sink. Then, he decided the nasty hamburger bun Ben gave him must be poison, so it should go in the water, too...
But this bread stuff did not sink like the corn & beef chunks?
Oh my goodness, are you guys seeing this, Hunter asks?
I'm going to sink this stinkin' bread!
He did not spill it, but instead picked the glass up to try and drink this icky water. Dad grabbed it as fast as could, but water still spilled everywhere....
Water, like that in the pool & sprinklers, pisses off Hunter. See:
Dad, in all his Father's Day glory thought Hunter spilling the water was HILARIOUS. We all laughed pretty hard.

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