Saturday, June 9, 2007

Garden Snapshots

A few cool things were happening in the plant portion of our family today, too. Here we have the underside of those rose petals, as promised. Cool orange, eh?

This a climbing rose... how cool is this going to be when it's climbing all over the trellis! I am so impatient!

I rearranged some stuff in my front garden patch last night. I had not estimated the heights of a few things, and needed to scoot over the birdbath a tidge from the bush. I can't imagine this was a patch of grass just months ago. I wish I would have made it bigger. Oh well, I'm sure I'll dig up more grass sometime soon. I'm pleased, but when I do it next year I will include less varieties, and more of uniform plants. Now, I know what works here... pleasing to see it come together.

This hanging basket looked pretty today, too.

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