Friday, June 8, 2007

Today in my garden...

Coming to you from my laptop on the patio at night, with a glass of Muscato wine. My first asiatic lilies are blooming. The are so bright, remind me summer is so close.

Some more roses are about to bloom. This variety's name escapes me, but I love it's melonish color. The back of the petals are a deeper orange, I'll try and capture that in a picture later this week.
These are the climber I've been showing you...
One of the mini roses on the patio table up close... love the petal count on such a tiny rose. And it smells incredible, too. It's less then 2 inches in diameter, I'd guess.
Ah, here comes the Kordes Perfecta. This was my favorite rose in the garden, but now, I'm not so sure if there aren't some other I like more.

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