Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Big Trucks

Theo had to make a trip to Indiana to pick up a trailer for work, and because the trip took more than a day, he slept at my aunt and uncle's house in southern Chicago. While Theo was there, with his trusty buddy Brent (who I now refer to as Theo's "boyfriend"), my papa stopped by to give him the ultimate Father's Day present: one of his rifles, so he can teach the boy's to shoot someday. Pretty cool. Papa collects guns, and doesn't really give them away, so this was a very honored present. Papa's health isn't the greatest right now, he's working on increasing his lung capacity so he may undergoe open heart surgery. He's a long time cancer survivor, and definately one for the medical books... we plan on going down to see him and family sometime around the 4th of July. For now, he's passed on a tradition in the family: shooting, and eventually hunting. The rifle is a great starter gun.

Theo wanted to drop the gun off at home before he went back to work, so he had to some by the house with this beast of a vehicle. Imagine the boys' excitement when THIS pulled up in the front yard.

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