Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Oh, Lordy.

Well, after a night of zero rest for Theo and I (too much adrenaline, I think?) it turns out Theo does not make the requirements for the job of recruiter. Duh. I mean, you think the Army would be organized enough to figure something like that out before they sent you a life-altering e-mail, right? Nope. Theo's records were not updated to show he has two children. Recruiters cannot have more than 2 dependants. (Gotta wonder what they do if you make babies while you're recruiting, or do recruiters not have time for that? LOL). So, life goes back to being just as it was before we received the e-mail. NO changes.

Funny how the Army has such control over our lives, eh? Last night we were jolted out of our knickers, and today we're supposed to just go on like normal. Most important: Theo seems happy with the outcome. He's headed to a big training class this summer that should result in a promotion by autumn, and he's excited about this prospect. Me? I'm not good at u-turning my emotions. Last night I spent hours researching the locations of different reserve recruiters so we'd prepared when the time came to set Theo down somewhere. I have to admit, getting out of this semi-cursed house was a little, well, invigorating. When all is said and done, I'm glad to not have to leave our home, and garden (I'd need a seperate truck for all the plants, duh!) This town is wonderful, and the boys are comfortable right now. I guess this is for the best.

Thanks for the support everyone. Caitlin, I am so sorry we won't get a chance to be neighbors.

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