Thursday, June 7, 2007

Stuff is still growing.

What do you know, the stuff I put in the garden grew an inch or two since I last subjected you all to looking at pictures of it. Spectacular eh? No, seriously, there is cool stuff going on.

Dare I say, these pink roses might really be growing on me? In the past I have metioned how pink is not my favorite color flower, I much prefer an orange, yellow, even white... and here I stand gawking at my pink Morden Centennial, as pleased a pickle.

I LOVE this Elsa Spath. I may have a new favorite. It reminds me of my favorite color purple when I was a little girl. The pink from the John Cabot Cl. is so perfect by this Clematis, too. Colors so vivid they take me back to my crayon days.

The Sage and Salvia are so pretty in the shadow of the Etoile Violet Clematis at it's peak. I love Blue! Later Purple Coneflowers, Russian Sage, and Black-Eyed Susans will fill this space.

Some of the containers are really filling out nicely. This one, which contains purple petunia, verbena, and vinca vine, is part of the cluster of containers I stick in our old power tower thingy. Hey, it beats looking at wires!

An elephant ear is about 4 inches high here, if you look closely, it's coming up behind the sweet potato vine.

A red pepper is coming already! It's an early one. So excited about this.

Hey, remember those dry mangled mini roses I picked up Walmart for $2 this spring? Here they are, making some fragrant pretties on our patio table.

Happy gardening to you... and pray the hail we should get this afternoon doesn't kill everything.

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