Friday, June 29, 2007

Lil' Bit of Garden Goodness

More Elsa Spath Clematis, and the top bloom is coming from the Clematis around the corner I think... the variety escapes me at the moment. Cool they are mingling (also pictured John Cabot Cl. Rose and Trumpet Vine).

Black Eyed Susan everywhere... like I said. This was from seed a few years ago.

This Bee Balm is exactly what I wanted here. Pleased.

Next up: Orange Trumpet Vine blooms & Hostas. I'm excited to see the trumpet vine bloom. The last couple years I've tried to remove it. Yeah, don't ever try that. It WILL come back. In fact every single hard clipping you make will grow into a vine. Talk about invasive. It will also tear up the siding on your house if you don't control it. This is one high maintenance vine. I had to embrace it, but I am glad I did... the bright foliage and orange blooms are better than the old ugly house. :)

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