Saturday, June 9, 2007

Strawberry Fields

This morning we headed to a strawberry farm just outside of town to pick our own strawberries. The commercials promised "bigger than usual berries," and I just could not resist. I have never been to a strawberry farm. I have a few of my own plants, but nothing like this! I had such a good time. I was so impressed with the young people working there; they were friendly, and even a little educational. They assign you to a parking lot, and direct you there. They give you a basket (if you bring the same one back next time you get .25 cents off. Cool. You get out of the car and are assigned a row. They point you toward a flag stuck down in the row--this is your starting point. They ask you to stick the flag back in the row where you leave off. Quality, and organization. Great time. I loved it, and will return, maybe even this year again.

Here you can really see how big the berries are.
Great prices, too. Wait until you see how many strawberries we get for $6.25!
Ben loves strawberries. He calls them, "Bawberries." He ate quite a few while we were there. So much for being momma's helper. Just kidding, he actually picked most of the one we came home with.

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Leena said...

I like this post--it reminds me of my post about strawberry picking with Adam! Only it had less organization and was in another country:) What are you gonna do with all those berries? If your rhubarb is ready, you could make some jam and pies!