Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Book of Me

I started this "Book of Me" (BOM) so the boys will know who their mother is/was. It's not uncommon in scrapbooking for scrappers to do pages or whole books about themselves (some of them more than others). If you recall, I've mentioned how I have none of my father's own words; he took his own life when I was 7, and left me with just pictures and the opinions of his friends and family. I long for his words, and his ideas. Simple things, like why he liked the hobbies he did, and what his favorite color was when he was a teenager, I would love to know those things. Did he like himself? Who was his first crush? The idea of a BOM appealed to me so my kids will know me. My husband & mom, maybe even brother, can go to this book if anything ever happens to me. I find it near impossible to get Theo behind the camera, so this BOM is where I put all those self-portraits. I use this place to vent, and document my interests and quirks. I use this space to be self-indulgent. I don't have any rules here. I don't go in order. The pictures aren't the greatest, and I love that! I don't work on this book that often, but I intend to contribute to it more often as I explore this weight loss journey I'm on. Lots of self-reflection with my 10-year reunion coming up, etc. I need "me" time, and this is best kind. I thought I'd share.

This is the cover:

Here, I'm about 5 months preggers with Hunter:

I found this quotation on Ali Edwards Blog, she is a scrapper I gain so much insight from. Good stuff:

This is Valentine's Day when Theo was in Iraq, and I was way pregnant.

Sledding in 06', pregnant, so I'm on the the baby-hill.

A reflection on weight loss, the first time I wore just a tank top in public. Age 24.
The things that make me laugh the most: Katie.
My eccentric side. I look Mimi from Drew Carey. Picture from Summer 05'.
My loves. My hobby.
It doesn't get more pregnant than this. Two weeks before Hunter popped out early. I was all ambiotic fluid! Adam Grenier took these pictures. I can still feel the back pain as I look at the picture!
Our Honeymoon:

Preggers again, and alone so I had to take my own pictures.

The first kiss when Theo got home from Iraq, Adam and Leena both took these pictures:
Me, talking to Elisa, Katie, Julie, and Amy one night:
A page about my insecurities:
More to come... as I work... Have a great day!

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