Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hunter helps me garden...

This little plot of land evolves daily. Since the cilantro is pulled out, I've added more marigolds, and dill, and my chives are growing strong (from seed). See those bright red roses in the back? They're climbers, and they smelled so good I could smell them all over the yard yesterday! Imagine when there is more than 2 of them, and they stand several feet tall. I can't wait.

Hunter rarely wanders into the garden, so I let him explore yesterday.

We have some summer squash coming: not bad for the first week of summer.

I love this German Chamomile. Little smiles.

Black-Eyed Susan is blooming all over the yard.

Hunter found tags by the strawberries and peppers... I just let him sit in the dirt, and he crawled over a few marigolds. Too cute.

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