Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blue Jello

Yesterday, in a delightful spurt of domesticity that began with laundry, floor-washing, and making potato salad, I made the boys blue jello. Last night, after we ran errands, I gave Ben a bowl of the good blue stuff, topped with whipped cream- to be eaten outside, of course. Often I underestimate Hunter's level of understanding, and set out proving it to as he climbed in the chair on the patio all-by-himself and waited for his blue jello, too, mom? I decided they should share, to see how things would go.

We told Ben, "share," and he lopped a dollop of whipped cream on the table for Hunter to eat, er, smudge into his mouth.

Hunter exclaims, "Give me more!" He still doesn't talk, so he said it with his body, of course.

Ben eventually fed big H legitimate spoon fulls.

Ben ran to get another spoon, and Hunter commendeared his bowl and took chowing into his own hands.

Once again, Hunter shows us how smart he is, eating with a bowl and spoon. Uh. Who knew he could do that? Not us.

The boys ate from the same bowl, with no conflict. How cute is this?

Then, Ben got up and spilled the bowl of blue goo on the patio.

Dad went to get the hose, so it would not "stain" the deck. What, the blue jello doesn't go with the giant white paint smudge already taking center stage on the deck (we're sanding that off, soon).

Dad decided to spray the kids, bringing a certain spin to bath night. You can't see Ben, but he got doused. We took em' straight to the bath.
Sidenote: Last night my dumbass fell off the patio in one our chairs (chair leg wasn't on the patio all the way). It hurt so bad, and today I feel like I was in a carwreck. Ick.

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