Sunday, June 17, 2007

Poor Hunter

Our poor little Hunter bear has been sick for 2 weeks now. He's already had antibiotics, and they don't seem to have taken effect yet. He had a fever on/off, and has been less than enthusiastic about playing. Here are some pictures of him taking it easy outside, just watching Ben and Joe play.

Later, when his fever spiked up again, I tried to get him used to the pool. My thinking: a cool dip in the pool would make his fever dip down. He does not like the pool. To ease him into liking the pool I sat beside it, and he came over to me. I sat him in my lap, and he touched the pool itself, and the water, and I got him wet with sprinkles out of

Later, after Ben napped, he showed Hunter how to romp in the pool like a pro. Hunter got in, but was none too pleased about it. He did stop crying and play with a toy for a little while, but I pulled him out of the torture pool, and let him do his own thing eventually.

This play area on the patio is much more Hunter's pace right now. He played gleefully here as Ben splashed in the pool.

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Leena said...

Get well soon, Hunter!

Although I certainly feel your pain...I just came down with the biggest flu of the winter season here, and I have to work and go to school. I would happily take a torture pool over that stuff any day!!! Miss you all!