Friday, June 22, 2007

Rambling about the Garden

My blog address is "ramblings in chocolate" because the odds are good, as I type, I'm consuming chocolate, or thinking about it. I truly have chocolate on the brain constantly. This week, I really held to my points (Weight Watcher's) and ate very sensibly. As I type, I am having my first real chocolate of the week: 4 dark chocolate hershey kisses. I am eating them slow, and enjoying myself. Prior to this, I had weight watcher's desserts after dinner, some of which were chocolate, but I don't know if that counts. These little buggers taste so good. Enough though.

I should blog about chocolate sometime, eh? When I'm not watching the calories I shove in my mouth, I eat a LOT of chocolate. The best I've ever had is from Monroe, WI. Maybe I can get out that way soon, and write about it. Moving on...

So now you know what I'm eating, here what I did with my "free" time today. When Theo got home from work he played with the kids (pictures to come) while I ran around dead-heading, weeding, and taking pictures.

Still don't know what this is, but I love it. Little white flowers are Chamomile.

Pink Yarrow:

Love these short wide daisies, they're mingling with a coral bearded tongue (which was blue last year).

Black Hollyhock. Again. I just love it!

Asiatic Lilies:

The front garden I put in this year is getting exciting. One of the Dahlia I started indoors finally bloomed (I am so impatient):

This is Bee Balm "Grand Marshall." This was my most coveted plant this year. I bought 3 of them, in different colors. I have admired them in gardens in magazines and around town for years. These are first to bloom in my care. Aren't they cool? They get bigger...

Here is the whole front of the front garden:

I never got the big deal with Lamb's Ear. I saw it in all my magazines. I picked one up for a $1 at the Farmer's Market awhile back, and I can't stop touching it. It's so soft, and has such cool texture. This one is not flowering, but another one is, and the blooms are electric fucshia.

This afternoon I spent some time on my containers. We're on a pretty strict budget, so I picked up clay pots the other day, and this afternoon I painted them with clay paint from Michael's. I put my two new plants in them. I moved some plants around, and some whole containers. Here is the passion flower vine in it's new home:

Three more blooms opened today:

The Elephant ears are really doing well. I am just so excited about these. When I lived on 15th street in Pedro we had these in our backyard- they were HUGE! I was in 4th grade, and I think some of them were half my size. I know here in Wisconsin my leaves may never get too huge, but I am pretty excited to have Colocasia in my garden, anyway. I will bring them (3) in as sunny window houseplants this winter.

With all the containers shifting this is my little corner now. Check out those Cannas. I can't wait to see them bloom (they were free from the Rhubarb guy, remember?)

Here is where I put the plumbago. I gave it a nice big 16 inch pot, and soon I will be plugging in a support system for it (I hope to find one this weekend). When it gets taller than the Jasmine (far left with obelisk) I will switch them with one another.

Edibles coming along nicely. These are our beans.

A banana pepper:

I don't know what these things are (in other words, they are weeds I don't recognize, I think). Anyone know what there are?

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