Friday, June 8, 2007

One Full Tent

So, as I've mentioned, this was my first week babysitting our neighbor, and Ben's favorite friend, Joey. I know this will sound like I've lost my marbles, but it has been easier for me to take care of 3 boys than it was when I had just 2. Ben and Joey seem to keep each other entertained 50% of the time, while playing independantly the rest of the time. Ben has been zonked by 12:30, when Joe leaves, causing him to nap like a rock, and that rocks for me! Hunter has taken to early morning 8:30 am, naps, so the first hour or two of the babysitting gig is just Ben and Hunter. Good stuff. Pleased. Day before yesterday the boys wanted me to set up this Thomas tent in the living room. ben climbed in, and Joey handed him a few toys to play with in there. Like a car without breaks on a hill, every toy in the living room made it's way into the tent, one by one. The boys no longer really fit in there anymore. Hunter watched in amazement. The tent was packed tight with trucks, books, blocks, plastic animals... madness. I didn't stop them. Are you kidding? This kept them entertained for an hour at least. Plus, it was funny.

So, the time comes for Joey to leave, and after I joked with Julie how Theo usually picks up the toys, etc. Joey asks if we'll leave the toys in the tent until tomorrow. Sure. Why not? He was worried I'd follow through, because moments later he called from his mom's cell phone (he is 3, mind you) and asked again if I would, "Please leave the toys in the tent until tomorrow." Then he asked, "Can Ben talk on your phone?" I hand the phone to Ben, and wait. I hear Joe say to him, "Ben, please leave the toys in the tent until tomorrow?" Ben says, "Okay Joey." With some prompting from me they said "goodbye, and have a nice day." Done deal. Joe was thrilled to find the tent right where he left it. By 9am, the boys need the tent down right away, so they could see the TV to watch Bob the Builder. Priorities, people.

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