Friday, June 29, 2007

Dad didn't do a good job...

Apparently Hunter thought dad missed a few spots when he mowed the lawn this week, because Hunter spent the majority of his afternoon remowing the lawn yesterday. And boy is he precise! I bought this mower for Ben way back in the day, and he never seemed to like it all too much- but, Hunter loves this mower. He plays with it nearly everyday. As you can see from the pictures Hunter doesn't miss a spot. I chased him all over, turning him when he met up with a dead end, or road. So cute. Oh, and you can see the last dose of fetilizer effectively killed the lawn, I mean, the weeds. Hey, at least the weeds are gone, now maybe grass will grow? It's been dry as can be here... and I don't "do" watering the lawn. We have too much lawn for that.

When I scrap this stuff, it will likely be a 16 photo layout. LOL. Or not LOL for those of you who don't scrap, huh?

Stopping to make sure he has enough gas.

Right through my newest flower bed, right over the seedlings...

He ditched the mower and ran free a bit, too. Time to trim the hedges, huh?

He can really run fast now; I love the face he makes as he gets going.

And now you're asking yourself, "Why does this crazy b%^$ch take so many pictures?" So I can get one shot like this:

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