Thursday, June 21, 2007

Has it really been that long?

Yesterday marked a huge milestone in my brother's life: he graduated from high school! Can you believe it? I'm sure most of you remember him running around in one of his dad's t-shirts with out a diaper on, or dancing in his diaper to the Ooompa-Loompa song. He's a high school graduate now. Where has the time gone? I stole these pictures from my grandpa, becaue, duh, I couldn't take my own.

While I am grateful for being a military family, it's times like these where I hate (yes, I used the "H" bomb) being so far away from my brother. He's grown up into such a fine man, funny, smart, handsome, and I'm stuck viewing his life in pictures (I don't get enough, people!) and hearing about it on the phone; and if you recall, he's a man of few words. Don't forget, Jason, now that you're a big man adult person, you have to call your sister, and visit me all by yourself. Mister.

I still lived in California, busy in grad school, when my brother attended his middle school culmination. He looked so big then, and being there was surreal. Now, he's a man, with an adorable girlfriend, and he stands with my family, my cousins are women, and my mom and grandparents beam with pride. I long to be there. I'm sorry I'm not, Jason.

I gave Jason a card 4 years ago at that graduation service that lauded my pride for him, and asked him to enter high school with some particular goals in mind: I wanted him to be an example to people, and make sure to stear clear of the sketchy crowds I know Pedro High has. I wanted him to be "that" athelete, who was smart, courageous, heroic, honorable, and admirable. Wow, did he ever become "that" person. I never imagined what an amazing person Jason would become. I love him so much, and am so proud to call him my brother. I only wish he was closer so my kids could play with him, learn from him, know him. I can't wait to see him July. One visit a year is not enough, so I think we'll be heading to CA in September to get a second dose.

Congratulations, Jason. I love you so much!

Jason, with my grandparents and hot momma (very cute outfit, mom).

My family, can you see how proud they are? Hannele and Grandma look so much alike here! Cute dresses ladies.

This is Alyssa, Jason's adorable girlfriend.
Jason and his two #1 ladies.

Awww... my mom will be an empty-nester soon. Gotta get a nest, mom.

So proud!

I just love this picture!

Here is the field, and the service. I'm not 100% certain on these stats, but I heard there are about 500 graduates... the class began with 1300 kids 4 years ago. That's southern California for you.

Go Pirates!

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Julie said...

Tell Jason congratulations for his cousin Julie. Did you know that mom graduated for Pedro High 40 years ago (1967)? I am sorry to hear that you missed it. I know how it is miss events because you are far away from family. I love living in the mid-west, but I do miss my family.