Friday, June 29, 2007

A Good Day Fishing...

Theo recently discovered the Naval Reserve Unit he shares a building with has a boat you can borrow! He has been mega-stressed out lately, and I suggested he fish more. As you know, he fished last weekend, and it really de-stressed him. Yesterday he took off work early, and fished for hours and hours. He said he must have caught 100 fish. In WI you're allowed to keep 25 blue gill per person, per day. He also caught a a couple bass, and brought home one roughly 3 lb bass. While Theo is not into bass, he really wants to eat fish this summer, so he brought it home. I really wish I could have got a better picture of his lovely sunburn- I made so much fun of him. I could do that because I told him to wear sunscreen, and he didn't. That's permission to mock. He wore his hat backwards, and yup, got a profound sunburn the shape of that hole in the back of ball caps, only it's right in the middle of his forehaed. LOL! It's hilarious, and still there today, so I can try and get a better shot of it. He also has the worst farmer's tan I have ever seen right now. Pretty funny.

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