Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Farmer's Market Trip

Saturday morning we went up the Dane County Farmer's Market again. I waddled in and out of most of the plant booths, coming home with a dill plant, an 4 $1 annuals to fill some empty spaces. I thought the kids would enjoy some baked goods (Ben had spotted kids with cookies, and was asking for one). A woman with the potent southern accent said, "cinnamon pull-part bread! Oh, I love pull-apart bread. I haven't had that in ages!" Her accent sold me, as she and I both went grabbing for some of the remaining bags. Here, Hunter gets sticky as he devours some cinnamon pull-apart bread.

Sarah and I with our boys, only one month apart... Harry is grubbing on a bagel with grass and dirt toppings, and Hunter is still working on that pound of cinnamon pull-apart bread, which he topped with some mud he found in a clearing. Yum.

Ben ran to be in the picture, but sat all the way over there. He thinks he's in the picture with s now. Funny kid.

Hunter tried to run away with Harry's wagon...
Good times. Now, Sarah, Ben and Harry have to come down to our house and visit! Please!!!!

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Sarah said...

yes-- we would all love to come. we are going to my grandma's in iowa on saturday, but we are free every other darn day!!!!