Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yes, we went to the park again.

Free unlimited fun. A weekday off with Dad. We love the park.

We played, then went for a long walk near a beautiful golf course.

The golf course was covered with retired women! Some men, and young folks, but primarily women. These ladies were my heros. They were high-fiving, and celebrating as if golf were like football. No quiet on their green. Theo joked that I should get my local friends, like Sarah, to come and golf with me. Are you game, girl? LOL.
The trail led us to my favorite place in town, the Rotary Gardens.

Spectacular Peonies. I took these pictures for my momma, who loves peonies. You cannot grow peonies in southern california b/c they require a long dormant/freezing period. She misses them.
...are each as big as my hand!

I told Theo as we left, "I saw the biggest most beautiful white peony." And he said, "I have a big beautiful white peony." LOL. That's my husband.

Lupine. I can't wait until mine blooms. I am growing them from seed, so it will be awhile. The seedlings are all thriving, though. That's Allium behind the Lupine. I want to get some of these bulbs this fall, for sure.

Check out this bee at work. Love getting this close.
Pretty Geese, and their babies. They let me get really close, too.
Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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