Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Busy as a Bee

Some of the plants my mom and I purchased last spring had a less than stunning return after winter. One Tolleymore Spruce had several dead branches, causing it to be pretty unsightly. A Crystaline Rose looked like it would do well, and then the one branch alive died. Both plants had guarantee, so last night we ran them into the nursery and had them replaced, no cost.

I picked out this rose, a Toulouse-Lautrec Hybrid Tea Rose. It has the most fantastic lemony scent that reminds me of my grand mother's roses. The petal count is 90, which gives it a classic rose look, but it's newer with better hardiness and disease-resistance then classic roses.

I moved the damaged tolleymore spruce to the back of the lot. I did have to bring it with me to get it replaced, but I asked the lady what they do with returned plants, and she said they tossed them out. I asked if I may try and give this tree a second chance at a spot in our yard where it's less seen. Here is it's new home, back by the lilac border, beside our apple tree. See it in the bottom left hand corner of this picture?

Here is the new Tolleymore spruce, up front in the place where the old one was. Cute, isn't he? He gets 8-10 feet tall, max.

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