Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Using my Garden

Leena asked I post pictures of the way I use things from my garden. Last week I grabbed a heaping handful of spearmint and tossed into a foot bath I gave myself (night before I hurt my big toe). I should have taken pictures of that footbath... I love using my herbs that way. When my lavendar is big enough, I'll use it, too. And my local nursery doesn't have any Lemon Verbena yet, but they will soon. I love LV in the bathtub. I plan on making my own soap with my herbs this summer. I'm just getting a kit from Michael's.

I have not cooked anything too fancy yet, there is not a lot to harvest... but on Sunday night we added cilantro and green onions to our tacos. Delicious. Monday night I added oregano and basil to burger patties, and last night we had green parsely and green onions in our potato cheese soup. I bought lettuce for salads with radishes soon. Here are some pictures of Sunday night's dinner:


Sarah said...

yummy. I am at school right now HUNGRY as hell. So, my week super sucks this week. Tomorrow and Friday, I have to be on campus. Next week? It has been toooooooo looooooooong

Leena said...

Yay Jamie style food porn! I love it! It all sounds so good! Keep it coming, please.