Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What is in my garden today?

Color, blooms, tomatos and more... take a peak. Here are two painted daisy varieties backed by John Cabot rose & trumpet vine.

A close-up.
A container, beside the Morden Centennial rose. Two large elephant ear plants are growing in the center of this pot, and are coming along nicely (only and inch high right now).

I rarely talk about this part of the yard, but this is the shed, surrounded by daylilies, hosta, rhubarb, and some surprises. I think they are foxgloves or black eyes susan, but only time will tell. I stuck a struggling climbing rose in here, too. On the other side I have virginia creeper. The plan is to cover this thing compltely. We'll see how it does.
Here come the foxgloves!

Remember that Oxalis I was so thrilled about having in my window box? Dead. Dead as can be. But Home Depot also guarantees their plants for a year, so I went in and replaced with a New Guinea Impatien which I stuck on the front porch. The empty space in the window box was filled with a Lime Nicotiana, and a fushcia Verbena, not yet blooming.
Here is the New Guinea Impatien on the front porch.
Another Clematis is blooming, first flower opened this morning. This variety is Etoile Violet.
First sull-sized tomatos, Bush Early Girl, are coming.
This is much more filled in now, with the additional rose. I also added a clearance rose, "Double Delight" which I found for $4. My grandma has this rose in her garden, and it smells incredible. Can't wait to see this blooming. Does it look better now, mom?

Hey, remember those Iris I moved? We;ve had them since we moved in, and I've never seen them bloom. Well, here you go. One is blooming in the new spot I found for it!

Blanket Flower, Goblin is ripe and ready to bloom also. Doesn't it look pretty all green like this, too?
More Morden Centennial rose, I love when they bloom!
A blast with color.

It's Peony time in the garden, too. First one opened this morning.
And yes, mom, the buds have ants all over them.
Here is the front garden I out in this year. It's filling out nicely. I took pictures from three different angles so you can see everything. Front, from sidewalk.
Side, away from the house.
Rear, facing the sidewalk, from the backyard.

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