Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Squeezing in Scraptime

I have not had any time to scrapbook like I want to, where I lay out all the supplies, and get going for hours. Right now, I keep a stash of stuff on the buffet in the dining room, and piece little parts together in 5 minute spurts. I'm being oddly productive doing this. The kids are a full-time job, but they do have moments where they are both occupied, and don't need me. These layouts are all from this week. I could not crop around the layouts like I usually do (editting out the background lamp, curtain, and shelf). Easyshare is going so slow it freezes when I try and edit.

Lately, I am really channeling the talented Jamie Waters, whose blog you can view on my link list. I do not know her personally, but her pages inspire me through magazines and websites. For those of you who do not scrap, scrappers have their own idols, their own famous people. It's funny. I was really feeling stuck in a creative rut. I alway love turning to one of Mrs. Water's articles to get me out of scrapper's block. I walk away with layouts I really love, that don't take too much time. These first few layouts really reflect her beautiful, simple style.

These last few layouts are all me. In other words, I am not intentionally trying anyone else's style, or lifting any layout in any way. I just played and created with my own ideas. Love these pictures; I have started printing at home again.

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