Wednesday, May 23, 2007

PLay on Monday

Sorry I have not been blogging as often. Our laptop is way overloaded and goes too darn slow. I hate wasting time sitting here while it takes forever to get from one task to the next. I have to get in and back-up my pictures on disk, and delete them from the computer. I'm already half way done, but somehow more pictures keep on coming. Addict. Plan on doing it this morning. In the meantime, here are some pictures from this week:

You can see from the boy's sweat, it's been warm here. Monday we spent a good portion of the day outside in the sunshine. I snapped a few pictures of the boys, hoping to capture their interaction--hopefully a nice switch from all of the mug shots I tend to take. Mostly, Hunter follows Ben and tried to play, and Ben sort of runs and yells, "No Hunter," & "Don't Hunter!" Haha. Hope you like em'.
Hunter's sandals, I freakin' love these. He outgrew the little brown ones I was previously in love with.

Hunter whacks Ben with the magnifying glass.

Oh, and this is perhaps the best picture of the boys together I have taken yet. This one gets a frame, fo' sure. Cracks me up! I did nothing to prompt this, either.

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Leena said...

The three pictures where Ben is in the sandbox are the best/saddest pictures I have ever seen...Ben getting mad, Ben yelling at him, Hunter crying...broke my heart! But still fricking adorable.