Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hunting in the Meadow

Theo had reserves last weekend, Monday night I made him talk about my feelings rather than mow, and it rained the next two nights this week, so we have not mowed the lawn in a long while. Last night, Theo tried to mow the wet lawn, and the mower died. So now we have a partially-mowed meadow. Looks funny. Our neighbors' house is for sale, and I feel bad, like we're trying to look extra-super-white trash or something. LOL.

Here are some pictures of Theo trying to mow the soaked lawn last night. Check out the shorts with boots. I love this man:
The kids scream wildly anticipating Dad will round the corner soon.

He's trying to mow fast to avoid this approaching downpour:
The mower went Kah-Put, so he let's the doggy do her business and we all go inside.
And here are some pretties of my little Butter Boy, Hunter, playing in the yard yesterday morning. He had a mouth full of those pesky dandelions at several points in time. Icky.

He loves to get these rocks and tap them together and make em' click.

On Guard, Mommy!

How funny is this face?

I'm the king of this sandbox, baby!

Cute little Levi butt, some jeans Me-maw bought him for Christmas. Love it!

Hunter has truly mastered the Little Tikes slide:
Thanks for looking, have a great day!

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Sarah said...

"made him talk about my feelings" LOVE IT. Impossible to talk about feelings with babies-- espeically mine, who has a vocabulary of pronouns and a verb.